X-Act™ ROM Knee


  • Contoured design provides you with a high level of support
  • Provides immobilization and protects your range of motion
  • Extremely light so you remain comfortable throughout use
  • Features aluminium hinges to stabilize the knee

This product requires a valid prescription

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Suffering from an injury to the knee can cause a significant amount of discomfort, particularly if you don’t stabilise and support the area. The Donjoy X-Act ROM Knee Brace is a light but effective knee support that protects and immobilises your knee during use. This helps ensure your knee doesn’t move into uncomfortable positions that could cause further injury.

Reduces Slippage

While some knee braces can migrate quite easily from the affected area, the X-Act ROM Support has been designed with a unique, tacky foam lining that provides viscous contact points between the leg and the brace. This helps reduce slippage so you get the support you need as and when you need it without having to worry about the support moving out of place.

Provides Precise Protection

The Donjoy Knee Brace is crafted with durable, aluminium hinges. This helps provide you with precise protection while also controlling your range of motion to a high degree. The extension settings of the support can be adjusted from -10° to 90°, while the flexion settings can be altered between -10° and 120°.

Easy to Apply

Find out how easy the Donjoy X-Act Knee Brace is to apply by watching the video below. The support is highly customisable for your comfort.

Can This Brace Be Worn in the Shower?

Unfortunately this brace is not designed to get wet. If you are unable to take the brace off we recommend using a product such as the LimbO Full Leg Plaster Cast and Dressing Protector to keep it dry.

Indications for the Donjoy Knee Brace

The Donjoy X-Act ROM Support is suitable for a number of different conditions where you need to immobilise and protect your range of motion. Indications include the following:

  • ACL surgery
  • LCL surgery
  • MCL surgery
  • PCL surgery
  • Meniscal repairs

Sizing of the X-Act ROM Support

The X-Act ROM Knee Brace is available in a universal size to fit most users. Designed to naturally contour to your leg, the support provides you with a precise fit after surgery.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to take comfort, fit and functionality to the next level
  • Provides a better healing environment after surgery
  • Immobilises your leg to control your range of motion
  • Prevents your knee from moving into uncomfortable, injury-inducing positions
  • Designed with swivel-action buckles that clip quickly and contour to fit
  • Features durable aluminium hinges to provide precise protection
  • Features a unique, tacky foam lining for viscous contact points to reduce slippage
  • Designed with four sliders that telescope independently
  • Prevents the straps from moving towards the surgical site
  • Controls your range of motion with the following settings:
    • Extension: -10° to 90°
    • Flexion: -10° to 120°
    • Easy quick lock: 0°, 15° and 30°


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