X-Act ROM Elbow


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Protect and Preserve. Precisely.

The X-Act ROM™ Elbow brace is a versatile, easy to apply, comfortable telescoping brace, allowing for ideal fixed or protected range of motion to help improve patient outcomes. The shape-to-fit formable aluminum cuffs and plush thermoformed pads contour this lightweight, open design to the patient’s elbow, providing a precise fit following surgery or injury. Telefit technology and snap-to-fit buckles allow for ideal adjustment and comfort during rehabilitation.


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Features and Benefits

  • Custom Fit: All four cuffs telefit to size allowing for a more precise fit on any size patient – without impingement
  • Swivel & Snap: Make it fit and make it fast with swivel action buckles that easily quick clip with one hand for a contoured fit
  • Precise Protection: Single, lateral aluminum hinge design helps to maximize protection and minimizes brace weight. User friendly, preferred
    flexion ROM settings from -10º to 120º in 10º increments. Easy quick-lock allows for
    fixed/locked position from 0º to 90º in 15º increments
  • Maximum Comfort: Plush ComfortForm™ padding helps to maximize comfort for long-term wear


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